Ecostyle Plus

Ecostyle Plus radiators have a beautiful finish, with factory fitted top grille and decorative side panels. With safe rounded bottom edge, they are essential for high efficiency heat systems. Ecostyle Plus radiators are equipped with 6 connections with an internal pipe that diverts flow and heat regulation to the top of the radiator. The boiler piping is connected to the bottom and is discreetly concealed below the radiator. As all piping is connected at the bottom on one side, the piping can easily be pre-installed irrespective of the radiator length. The radiator is reversible and can be connected with the thermostatic valve on the right (standard position) or left using the specially designed clamp’ brackets included with each radiator.

The Ecostyle Plus radiator has the highest heat output per sq ft on the market. The high output is possible because of the unique concept of pressing the panels. By using a narrower spacing (1”) between water channels, more convection fins can be attached to the panel. These are welded directly to each water channel, which creates a considerable increase in heat output. Low water content within the narrow water channels enable the radiator to heat up faster and emit heat more rapidly to the surrounding area.


  • Material : high quality, low carbon, cold rolled DC01 steel in accordance with PN-EN 10130
  • Water channel spacing: 1.3 inches
  • Connections: 2 – ½” bottom and 4 – ½” side connections
  • Working pressure: 147 psi
  • Test Pressure: 191 psi
  • Color: RAL 9016 white, other colors are available with additional price
  • Accessories: Clamp brackets, plugs, and air vent packed in radiator
  • Full 15-year warranty
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White RAL 9016
*Other colors are available with additional price